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Just a stone throw way from Dévoluy and Gap, the scent of Provence surrounds the majestic Pic de Bure.

Here life is simple, take a moment to explore our villages, walk around the narrows streets and the ‘andrones’ and taste the South.

Open wide your eyes and ears, everything is calm.

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Mairie d'Aspremont


Nombre d'habitants : 368 - Superficie : 1852 hectares - Altitude : 717 m
Le nom de la commune vient du latin "Asper Mons" c'est-à-dire "montagne rude".
Les habitants s'appellent les Aspremontais et Aspremontaises.

Town of Aspres sur Buëch


Aspres sur Buëch

Inhabitants: 838 Area: 4265 ha Altitude: 717 m

Wrapped around the hill of the clock tower, Aspres on Buech is called "The city Snail".
Village of air and light known for exceptional aerology.

Village of La Beaume

La Beaume

Inhabitants : 168 area: 2964 ha altitude: 880 m

Just under the pass of Cabre binder Hautes Alpes and Drôme, the village is composing by 6 hamlets, 2 churches, 1 temple, 12 fountains and a sundial.

Town of Chabestan


Inhabitants: 156 Area: 1219ha Altitude: 780 m

The inhabitants of Chabestan are called the Chabestanais and Chabestanaise.

Town of Chateauneuf d'Oze


Chateauneuf d'Oze
Number of inhabitants: 26 - Area: 2523 hectares - Altitude: 939 m
The charm of a small rural town close to the town center.
The people of Chateauneuf d'Oze are called Chateauneuvois ou Châteaunaris.

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Village de la Faurie

La Faurie

Number of inhabitants: 322
Area: 31.4 km
Altitude: 830 m
At the crossroads of the Buëch valley and the Aiguebelle valley, La Faurie plays between Provence and the Alps.

Town of Furmeyer


Number of inhabitants: 147 - Area: 1426 hectares - Altitude: 1020 m
Small rural town located 2.5 km from Veynes.

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Town of La Haute Beaume

La Haute-Beaume

Inhabitants : 9 Area~: 7km Altitude: 1200m

Under the pass of la Haute-Beaume, the town is the less inhabitants of the departement.

Mairie de Manteyer


Inhabitants : 435 Area: 2563 ha Altitude : 1013m
Manteyer is a little town situated under the mountain of Céüze.

Town of Montbrand


Inhabitants : 66 Altitude: 985m

Located at the bottom of the Aiguebelle valley (Aigo-Bello: The beautiful water) and dominated by the peaks of Luzet, Montbrand is composed of 7 hamlets, quite distant from each other.

Town of Montmaur



Inhabitants: 545 Area: 4873 ha Altitude: 873m

This town is situated at 6 km of Veynes, Montmaur is just under the moutain of Aurouze, the higher scree of Europe with the Pic de Bure (2709m).

Mairie d'Oze


Inhabitants: 100 Area : 1203 ha Altitude: 850m
The inhabitants of Oze are called the Ozois.

village of Rabou


Inhabitants : 83 Area: 2656 ha Altitude:1150m

The village of Rabou is situated on south ouest of Devoluy, between the plateau de Bure and Charance.

The town of La Roche des Arnauds

La Roche-des-Arnauds

La Roche des Arnauds

Inhabitants: 1463 Area: 5375 ha Altitude: 970m

Located on the Petit Buëch, between the Pic de Bure (2709m, on the top of the village) and Céüze.

Town of Saint Auban d'Oze


Saint Auban d'Oze
Inhabitants: 75 Area: 1200ha Altitude : 940 m

Town of Saint Julien en Beauchene


Inhabitants: 124 Area: 5900 ha Altitude: 920 m

Ideally situated on the winter road of Alps, on the D1075, at 82 km of Grenoble and 192 km from Marseille, between Dauphiné and Provence.

Town of Saint Pierre d'Argençon


Inhabitants: 157 - Area: 18.9 km2 - Altitude: 767
At the heart of the Chauranne valley, St Pierre d'Argençon was made famous at the end of the 19th century by the mineral water source "La Font Vineuse". A contemporary sundial adorns a facade.

Town of le Saix

Le Saix

Le Saix

Inhabitants: 105 Area: 2215 ha Altitude: 813 m

Quiet and peaceful village, the environment offers a wide range of activities and varied: hiking, visit the remains of the abbey of Clausonne ...

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Town of Veynes


Number of inhabitants: 3347 - Surface area: 4260 hectares - Altitude: 814 m
Veynes is distinguished by its rich past linked to the golden age of the railway, but also by the markets of the Middle Ages and the heroic acts of the Resistance